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SriLanka Yatra (139th Yatra)

(8 Days)   11.04.2020

kasi Yatra (141th Yatra)(AC Bus)

(12 Days)   10.05.2020

Chardam yatra (144 th Yatra)

(18 Days)   10.06.2020

Amarnath yatra (146th Yatra)(AC Bus)

(16 Days)   12.07.2020

SriLanka Yatra (148th Yatra)

(8 Days)   05.08.2020

Pancha Dwaraka (149th Yatra)

(17 Days)   16.08.2020

Karnataka yatra (150th Yatra)

(12 Days)   31.08.2020

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JAYALAKSHMI YATRA SERVICE has completed their 137th yatra on 23.03.2020. Their package tour is inclusive of south Indian food, transportation and accommodations. Their main motto is maintaining the health of every participant by way good digestible tasty foods in time(specially prepared by south Indian Brahmins).
JAYALAKSHMI YATRA covers places like
(1) CHADARDAM at Uthranjal. (2) VISHNOV DEVI and AMMARNATH in J & K. (3) GOLDEN TEMPLE & WAGA BORDER in Panjab. (4) KAMAKYA at Assam, (5) Purl, Bhubaneswar & Konark, in Orissa (6) Kolkata & Ganga Sager in West Bengal, (7) Simhachalam, Amravati, Mangala Giri, Akobilam, Annavaram & other places in Andra, (8) Dwaraka, Mathura & places associated with Lord KRISHNA in west and central India, (9) JOTHIR LINGAS & SAKTHIPEEDS (10) Allahabad, Prayagraj, Gaya & Amarkantak Narmada Kund in Central India (11) DIVYADESAMS of Lord VISHNU including MUTHINATH In NEPAL. (12) With the aim to cover all PADAL PETRA SIVALAYANGAL 274 in numbers, located in Tamil region, SRILANKA tour is also explored in the year2019 and being continued.
(13) Above all NARMADA PARIkKRAMA TOUR was sketched with help of The Gaint SIVA CHARIYA Sri...Sri RAMESH SIVAM (ref U Tube) and 55 members during March-2020 enjoyed the tour.
Their expertise is being enjoyed by huge BAKTHAS of Southern States and by handsome in northern part also. 0nce enjoyed participants have become repeated customers.
Jayalakshmi Yatra also sketch and organize Tailor made Tour Packages to suit group needs.
For CREDENTIALS please do visit
(1) Face Book (a) Jayalakshmi Yatra and (b)Ramesh Jambunathan
(2) You Tube Ramesh Sivam

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